Box Shows

A Box Show is a show that can be packed up and moved to almost any location in a short period of time. Suzart Productions currently has three Box Shows available for you to choose as fundraisers for your organization. Check them out below and contact us early to book for your stage.

Conceived and compiled by some of Suzart’s best creative talents expressly for Suzart Productions. This show features some of the great tunes from Broadway shows past and present. This show is an hour long.

It wasn’t an easy time during the days of World War II so people needed to find ways of getting through the tough spots. One of the ways that they found was getting together to sing songs and many of these songs became old standards that you may even recognize today. Another of the favourite pastimes of service men and women was spending their off-duty time in Canteens that became famous for live entertainment by Big Bands and Famous or Soon-to-be Famous singers. This show features a group of children who have been given a school project to research WWII and present their findings in class. In small vignettes in the background, adults perform the songs in a wonderful evening of memories suitable for all ages to enjoy.

Developed by Suzart's creative minds as a fundraiser for a church dinner, this show was an instant success. Relive the Sockhop; get yourself All Shook Up, join the Leader of the Pack, and have some Fun Fun Fun while making sure you're not Lonesome Tonight.

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