Production Teams for 2018-2019

Our production teams are the directors and designers of magic on-stage. Contact if you are interested in filling a vacancy or apprenticing a seasoned artist.

 Producer Anna McCready (camp coordinator)Cass Marks

 Director Katherine Colbert Ellen Seguin  Kraig-Paul Proulx
Anna McCready (apprentice) 
 Sue Fowler Dacey
Kristopher Tharris (apprentice) 
 Music Director Anna McCreadyAlina    
 Choreographer Sharena Campo & Lynn McDonald    
 Stage Manager Rory Woodland 
(mentored by Lisa Dunn)
 Costume Designer Tracy Byers-Reid   
 Props Designer Rebecca Donaldson    
 Set Designer Grace Cosgrove   
 Lighting Designer    
 Sound Designer    
 Hair Designer    
 Makeup Designer    
 Master Carpenter    
 Assistant Stage Managers    
 Dance Captains    

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