Emma! - A Pop Musical

To start off 2021, Suzart is proud to present Emma – A Pop Musical! Our fantastic cast and production team have been hard throughout the last few months to present a fully digital, green screen, musical theatre production. This production and use of this technology is a historic first for Suzart and we hope you and your family will enjoy. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing the cast and sharing sneak peeks of the show! Don’t miss out on this retelling of the classic Jane Austen novel set in a modern high school, featuring the best of Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, Natasha Bedingfield, and many more pop favourites.

Ready for an incredible experience? Click below for more details and to purchase tickets! https://www.broadwayondemand.com/series/d6dpTEnAyPu3-emma-a-pop-musical-stay-at-home-version--suzart-productions


Volunteers are one of Suzart’s best assets. There are countless moving parts that come together to create magic on stage that require the dedication and creativity of our volunteers. To let us know you're interested in volunteering, please tell us about yourself and your talents here.


Suzart would be very grateful if you would consider becoming a Suzart Angel to assist us in fulfilling our important mandate in the community. There are several levels of support and Suzart Angels will be prominently recognized in our two mainstage show programmes.

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